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MONDAY, JULY 6  /  19:00 - 20:30  /  Salle Marie Gérin-Lajoie
Green travelling

Deniz Ölçek (Middle East Technical University, Turkey)

We are in an age where the possibility to travel for everyone is not a luxury anymore. It has become an activity every person imagines and easily realizes. With this fast growing industry, environments, places and communities visited are exposed to immense effect of their visitors. This situation brings great responsibility to travelers for them to get more conscious and environmental friendly concerning how they can contribute the preservation of natural environments or their involvement in local communities they are visiting. Many environmental friendly pratices that we can perform while travelling are often similar to the ones we can perform in our everyday lives, such as using biodegradable products, considering garbage recycling regulations, using public transport, buying products from local producers, using solar battery chargers etc. As well as ecologically improving our habits as an individual, existing travel agencies can help to create awareness on the issues too. Mutually, customers of such agencies can demand responsible holidays and eco-touristic trips. As an experienced long-term traveler, I would like to introduce numerous ethical ways of travelling in this poster and to have session with participants, if possible, to have further discussion on the issue in order to exchange opinions and different practices.