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TUESDAY, JULY 7  /  15:30 - 17:00  /  DS-1525
Organized session / diverse format
Biological collectivism, psychology, and the cults of the Great War

Snait B. Gissis (Tel Aviv University, Israel)


Snait B. Gissis (Tel Aviv University, Israel)
Robert M. Brain (University of British Columbia, Canada)
Debbie Weinstein (Brown University, United States)
Cornelius Borck (Universität zu Lübeck, Germany)

The session combines three papers that  focus on how  biological, and in particular evolutionary transformist positions, were entwined with constituting psychological  and aesthetic theories in the period from late 19th century until after the first world war. These  amalgamations were instrumental in formulating views on individuals and collectivities, and  in conceptualizing their relationship within society and in the vicissitudes of war.

Snait B. Gissis: Evolutionizing and Collectivizing
Robert M. Brain: Art and the Cult of Elementary Life: Henri Bergson vs. Julian Benda on Transformist Aesthetics
Debbie Weinstein: The Scale of Modern Warfare: Human Nature and the Great War
Cornelius Borck: Commentary