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TUESDAY, JULY 7  /  11:00 - 12:30  /  DS-1520
Organized session / diverse format
Rethinking Reproduction

Monika Piotrowska (University at Albany, SUNY, United States)


Ellen Clarke (University of Oxford, United Kingdom)
Marion Blute (University of Toronto, Canada)
Pierrick Bourrat (University of Sydney, Australia)

It is standard to suppose that a necessary ingredient for any process of natural selection is reproduction. It is often difficult, however, to determine instances of reproduction. In this session, there will be three presentations followed by a single commentary that examine what it takes to reproduce and what role reproduction plays in natural selection. The following questions will be addressed:

Monika Piotrowska: What type of contribution is sufficient to make something the parent of another thing?

Marion Blute: What does cultural reproduction look like and how might it evolve?

Pierrick Bourrat: Are reproduction and inheritance necessary conditions for, or products of, evolution by natural selection?

Ellen Clarke: Commentator.

The session will consist of three 20-minute presentations, one 15-minute commentary, and 15 minutes of audience discussion.