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Submission formats

Overview of Submission Types

ISHPSSB has offered various kinds of session over the years—in length, in participatory format, in number of participants--each with their own virtues and limitations.  This year we have decided to offer a single session length (90 minutes), to streamline the session types, and to offer a relatively simple rule governing the number of times a person may appear on the program.  We hope that, together with the new policy of rolling acceptances and their association with preferred scheduling, as well as a bulletin board to promotion session coordination, this streamlining and simplification will encourage earlier submissions as well as a higher number of organized sessions.  The three submission types this year are “Organized Session”, “Individual Paper”, “Poster”, and are explained as follows:

  1. Organized Session
    These submissions come in two formats, (a) and (b) below, and are submitted by a session organizer who must also be one of the participants in the session.  Amongst other things, the session organizer will indicate 2 preferred, ranked timetable slots with the submission, and these slots will be filled on a “first come, first served” basis.  Organized Sessions are the only submission type that will be given the perhaps considerable benefits of acceptance and scheduling on a rolling basis from October 2014. Individuals may submit, or may participate in, up to two Organized Sessions.
    1. Standard talks session.  3 speakers, plus a Chair who can be one of the speakers but need not be.  In these sessions, each speaker will have 30 minutes total (including discussion).  This submission format requires a session title and abstract, titles and abstracts for each talk, as well as names, affiliations, and emails for all participants. 
    2. Diverse format session.  At least 2 participants, including a chair who must be one of the participants.  These sessions allow a variety of formats, and may be organized as roundtables, panels, dialogues, longer talks, lightning talks, commentaries, interpretative dances, etc.  This submission format requires a session title and abstract, as well as names, affiliations, and emails for all participants; further information germane to the particular format may also be included by the session organizer.
  2. Individual Paper
    This submission format involves submitting an individual paper that requires participant name, affiliation, email, and a title and abstract.  The paper here must be no more than 20 minutes in length, with 10 minutes for discussion.  Notification of acceptance will be given only after January 15th, 2015. Individual Paper submissions will be grouped by the program chairs and scheduled into time slots that remain after Organized Sessions are scheduled. Individuals may submit only one Individual Paper. 
  3. Poster
    This submission format is submitted by an individual, and requires a title and abstract; posters will only be accepted after January 15th, 2015.  Individuals may submit only one Poster.

Participation rule: the simple rule of two.  Any individual can appear at most twice on the program (speaker, commentator, roundtable participant, poster author) in addition to serving as a session chair.

Other submission requirements.  All submissions will require the completion of a checklist featuring themes and topics that will assist the program chairs in evaluating and scheduling the submission.  We encourage session organizers to attend especially to considerations of interdisciplinarity and diversity, both of which are valued by the ISH community. 

Overarching Rationales.  This submission structure is aimed at (i) encouraging participants to submit Organized Sessions, and (ii) doing so relatively early on; it also should (iii) facilitate other ISHPSSB desiderata for sessions, such as interdisciplinarity, inter-regionality, and career-stage integration.  ISHPSSB has been a great place for interdisciplinary and trans-national work, as well as graduate student and junior faculty mentoring.  We hope that this structure will contribute to enhancing these features of the 2015 meeting.  

General Bulletin Board. The purpose of this forum is for pre-conference (or during-conference) discussions for ISHPSSB 2015 in Montreal, Canada. You must be an ISHPSSB member to use the ISHPSSB 2015 bulletin board. Note that you need to sign in and be up-to-date on your membership dues to post or reply.